The world of WFC papers is colourful – as colourful as our continent, as colourful as Europe. Which is why we sent three teams of professional photographers on a breathtaking road trip from Munich to Amsterdam. Driving three classic vehicles from the history of motoring, they have captured Europe from their uniquely personal perspective.



Each team followed its own way of seeing things and set its own photographic emphasis – but always in a way that reflects the properties of the respective papers chosen from the IGEPA WFC range.
The best photographs are now being picked from over 80,000 images for three highly exceptional books that will show the diversity of the continent from three different viewpoints: the exclusive IGEPA WFC edition. Powered by PROFI, MAXI and OMNI


As they made their way from Munich to Amsterdam our teams discovered a Europe full of surprises – from spectacular Alpine passes to the chic Côte d’Azur and the arid wastes of the Tabernas Desert. No one journey was like the other – and our teams impressively captured the special stories behind their road trips.



Anyone who enjoys taking mountain curves should consider a trip to the Alps. With some of the world’s most beautiful and stimulating mountain passes, true driving pleasure and breathtaking views await you against a background of idyllic lakes and mountain panoramas.

What’s more, the makers of the James Bond classic ‘Goldfinger’ were also familiar with the outstanding beauty of the Alps and filmed on the Swiss Furka Pass with legendary villain Gert Fröbe.


Over 150 beaches, an arid yet appealing hinterland and more than a splash of glamour in cities like Cannes or Monaco.

The Côte d’Azur, the azure blue coast, offers many tempting highlights and is situated beneath the Mediterranean sun in the south of France, which is also something that drove the Ancient Greeks of antiquity to bring their olives and grapes to France where they thrive so wonderfully.


A slice of Hollywood in Europe: did you know that more than 270 movies have been filmed in Europe’s only real desert?

These movies include classic masterpieces such as ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’ or Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Today many of these film settings are slowly fading away, though you can still see them for yourself. If anything, the Tabernas Desert is worth a visit just for its 3,000 hours of annual sunshine alone.

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